Mars Squares Jupiter

A good adage for the early part of this week is “slow and steady wins the race.” with the overabundance of energy of Mars/Jupiter square. Mars/ Jupiter aspects are known for overshooting the mark. Alot can be accomplished through a discplined approach with a proven track record – beware of excessive acts which may not pay off in the long run.

October Astrology

“I do not regret for a single moment having lived for pleasure. I did it to the full, as one should do everything one does…But to have continued the same life would have been wrong because it would have been limiting. The other side of the garden held its secrets for me also.” Oscar Wilde

September ended under the influence of the recent Venus/Saturn conjunction. Although often popularly described as a difficult aspect for love and money, Venus/Saturn is about serious commitment to core values. When there is a scarcity or perceived scarcity of money or love it provides excellent timing to review core values and to chart a new course accordingly.
The seriousness of the Venus/Saturn conjunction was offset a bit by the influence of the Mars /Jupiter aspect which is influence through October 9th. This aspect provides energy and enthusiasm to the seriousness of Saturn. There is a tendency to overdo with this aspect so it bodes well to increase awareness about doing things in a moderate way.
Through the 11th Venus will trine Neptune providing a good time for spiritual and artistic work. Life can look beautiful at a time like this because we tend to be looking through rose colored glasses. It is an idealistic influence and provides a good time to revisit higher aspirations related to bringing more love into the world. Romance can flourish under this influence – it is a good time for a romantic getaway or night out.
From the 8th through the 19th the Sun aspects Saturn boding well for work. A lot can be accomplished during this time. Be sure to include innovative approaches and techniques.
On the 9th Venus moves into Scorpio bringing more depth and intensity into relationships. As the sunlight wanes in the northern hemisphere the increased darkness reminds us of Persephone’s descent into the underworld. On a personal level it is a good time access what it is we feel passionate about and to include more space and time for it in our lives if necessary.
From the 9th through the 17th Venus is aspecting Jupiter – watch for extravagance and excess. It is a time when overspending and overdoing with food and drink are highlighted.
The Full Moon on the 11th is in Aries. The Libra/ Aries axis is about learning to advocate for individual needs diplomatically.
The New Moon is in Scorpio on the 26th at 3 degrees of Scorpio -providing a good time for intention setting.
Fantasy and romance abound at the end of October (the 28th through the 31) as the cosmic lovers Venus and Mars square Neptune.

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Protests on Wall Street

Over the years social commentators have posited that the cultural myth of the United States is The Wizard of Oz. The curtain was pulled back a bit more this week as the demonstrations against the corruption of Wall Street turned ugly. Peaceful protesters were with beaten, sprayed with pepper spray at close range, handcuffed and dragged off to jail by police. Protestors commented that they were inspired by the demonstrations in North Africa. One young woman who had been blind for an hour from the pepper spray said she didn’t care what the police did – she was going to remain there. Another protestor wondered who the police were there to protect – the powerful corporate interests or the citizens who were protesting peacefully. We are living in a time astrologically which is a turn of the wheel of what went on in the sixties- a time when people took to the streets in an attempt to create a more just world As Uranus and Pluto move closer to an exact square in 2012 we are likely to see these kinds of demonstrations increase. One of the powerful organizing tools available now is the internet – governed by the planet Uranus. With the help of internet technology and communications this could be the generation that forms a global movement to effect change. Considering the kinds of challenges they are facing this is very good news.

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon this month falls on 9/27 at 4 degrees of Libra providing a good time for intention setting – particularly about any initiatives that strive to increase inner and outer equilibrium. This New Moon falls near the festival of Michaelmas which is celebrated with a reenactment of St George fighting and slaying a dragon. This festival is held near the Fall Equinox, a time of increased darkness in the northern hemisphere. It serves as a reminder during this time of year to cultivate courage and look to the light when encountering inner and outer darkness.

On the 2012 Aspects

Once in an interview John Lennon was asked about the Beatles rise to fame. He responded that they were like the mast of a ship people could see on the horizon. What he meant by this was that their music symbolized a vision of the future embodied by the visionary sixties generation.  During the sixties Uranus and Pluto were conjunct and it was in many ways a progressive, innovative and revolutionary time (all trademarks of Uranus and Pluto.)  The back to the land movement made manifest a desire for a more holistic relationship to the earth. Many communes sprung up with the intention of creating a more equitable relationship between the genders, more enlightened systems for relating to each other, and more enlightened business practices. The knowledge and practice of holistic healing modalities increased. Meditation, eastern philosophy and metaphysics were very much on the rise.  Much of the desire and effort to create a more just world through non violent means such as the March on Washington and the anti war marches which helped to bring the Vietnam war era to a halt, came  under the influence of this innovative, revolutionary planetary pair.

The astrological aspects of 2012 represent another turn of the Wheel of these two planets as Uranus and Pluto now move into a square.  We now see many of the evolutionary initiatives of the 60s flourishing in the western world – in the widespread practice of yoga, meditation, organic farming and environmentally conscious living.

There is a strong backlash now as then  also –  visible in polarized views of policy.  This can be seen in various conflicts involving agribusiness, energy companies, the banking industry, Wall Street etc.  

Renowned author, seer and visionary Edgar Cayce was once asked what he thought would happen with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. He responded that he could not see what would happen because there was such a large grey wall of fear around it. We live in a time when New Age philosophy and contemporary physics concur that thoughts influence reality – an innovative (Uranus) and revolutionary (Pluto) view.

 The mast on the ship , the initial sighting of a new dawn or a new age that John Lennon spoke of is a good image to carry forward as opposed to the highly sensationalized and  fearful  vision of the future which Casey foresaw and we can see and feel all around us.

Venus enters the Pluto/Uranus Square

Expect the unexpected is a good maxim to live by through the 23rd as Mars forms a trine to Uranus and Venus enters the Uranus/ Pluto square. It can be a heady ride trying to keep up with sudden and unanticipated events. A word to the wise on the relationship front- Venus/Uranus aspects rule love at first sight occurrences but relationships born under these aspects often are unstable and unpredictable. The Venus Pluto square is likely to bring to life relationships of a karmic nature as well as relationships issues which are challenging to resolve.

On the Mercury/Neptune opposition

Things can be really confusing sometimes when Mercury is in hard aspect to Neptune. It is a bit like wandering around in the fog in your mind. Literally there can be confusion with communication and the tools of communication.
Yesterday when I went out to get the mail from our mailbox across the street I was disappointed that my new Tarot deck had not yet arrived. Instead I found a sheet of paper from the Post Office- a form – (and I try to avoid filling out forms at all costs) with a handwritten note from our friendly and welcoming rural delivery person. In cursive it read, “Welcome to town! Please fill this out and return it to us. Thank you.” There were lines for the customary contact information as well as a space for the name of anyone else receiving mail at the address. The problem was I had filled this form out quite awhile ago and didn’t understand why I would have to do it again. I speculated about why this should be necessary and then finally just decided not to fill it out and tossed it into the recycling. Later that night I remembered a new family had moved in across the street and thought that the letter had found its way by mistake into my box. Because the Sun is in Virgo (worry) I Lay awake wondering what other mail was in the wrong box.
This morning when I went out to get the mail I decided to look the situation over more carefully. My mailbox is the last on the left in a row of three. But when I looked more closely I realized that my mailbox was no longer the last in line – that now belonged to the new family. The mail carrier had put the form in the right box!

September ’11 Astrology

“The universe is evolving towards an even greater destiny and we are the means of this global transformation.” Pir Vialyat Inayat Khan

September begins under the influence of Jupiter retrograde. The Jupiter retrograde period extends through December 26.  It bodes well during this time period to reassess resources – inner resources such as self esteem, self worth and courage as well as outer resources. It is a good time to review financial strategies – to ascertain where there are resources that may be underused as well as areas where excess spending might be cut back.

As the month begins the Sun is in harmonious aspect to Mars making this an energized time. It is a very good time for organizing, cleaning out files, closets, desks etc. It bodes well for getting things in order in general.

Mercury will be in Virgo from the 9th through the 25. This is a good influence for detail oriented work and planning. It can be a critical influence, though and a good policy for this time frame is to abstain from criticism and instead focus on creating positive solutions.

The Full Moon is on 9/12 at 19 Pisces.

The 14th through the 18th  may feeling challenging as Venus enters Libra and sets off the Pluto/Uranus square. Under these influences unresolved partnership issues may resurface – particularly issues involving love, finances and freedom. It is best to focus on what it is on a deeper level that needs to be transformed and to look for innovative approaches and breakthroughs.

The Sun moves into Libra – the sign of fairness in partnership on 9/23 keeping the focus on justice in relationship. Pay attention to what is being triggered under this influence.  Those are the area’s most likely in need of change and reform.

Mars will enter the sign of Leo on the 18th making this a good time for levity, entertaining and creativity.

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On Neptune in Aquarius

I work at a small environmental journal. I had anticipated that this juncture in my work – proofing the copy and the ads – was going to require more attention to detail than usual because Mercury is retrograde and widely opposite Neptune. This aspect bodes well for ethereal endeavors- spiritual, creative and idealistic. It reminds me of a day when my friend and I decided to start a peace vigil in town – to go down town as time allowed and hold signs that spoke of our desire for a peaceful world. Someone we knew was driving by and pulled his car over when he saw us there. It was a cold day and he brought us some warm muffins. . He said “The world will always need dreamers.” That is a Neptune/Mercury comment. Many of the uprisings we have recently witnessed in Syria and North Africa have come under the influence of Neptune in Aquarius -where it is now. There has been a collaboration of like minded people trying to create a more just life for themselves and the world. It would be easy to get discouraged if these idealists were focused mainly on the pragmatic details of how their endeavors would proceed logically. Neptune requires faith and sustains spiritual and idealistic efforts through faith. Today as I expected when I started proofing the paper, many typos came my way. But it was okay- I was prepared because of my knowledge and respect for cosmic influences.

On the Full Moon Saturday

This morning I was up at one of my favorite places – a remote beaver pond out in the country. The reeds and purple loose strife blew softly in the breeze as I walked and mused about this weekend’s inspired Full Moon on Saturday 8/13 at 2:57 pm EDT. When it came to me suddenly about what to write I returned to the car and excitedly drove off – subsequently discovering I was going in the wrong direction! This is a good symbol for the influences of the upcoming Full Moon- a very good time to be in touch with the higher planes – accessing information for creative or spiritual growth- but sometimes confusing and illusory on the mundane level- with Mercury retrograde opposing Neptune. There is a strong Venus influence at the Full Moon so it also bodes well to identify and appreciate all the things we love and value in our lives – a very good time for gratitude.