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Relationships and This Weekend’s Astrology

“Our highest business is our daily life.” John Cage

from Aslan, “You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you.”  CS Lewis 

There is a very powerful cosmic alignment this weekend boding well for considering or reconsidering relationship commitments – and by this I mean relationships of all kinds.
The Lunar Nodes – associated with life purpose and life path are an integral part of this combination along with Venus, The Sun, Juno, Ceres and Pluto. This alignment speaks of  the teachings  put forth by many spiritual traditions  – that love is a spiritual force in the world and that by our actions we make the world a more loving or less loving place.
With the South Node conjunct the asteroid of traditional commitment, Juno, it is wise to consider the commitments in your life that may be related to the past and to tradition.
With Ceres conjunct the North Node is is wise to consider which relationships in your life in general that  you would particularly like to nurture going forward.
The ability to do this while remaining a loving person or loving force in the world requires appropriate personal boundaries – i.e. the knowledge of how to protect yourself  so that your inner life may flourish and grow. It speaks of the ability to surround yourself with people who support growth in that direction while keeping others who are not like that at an appropriate distance.
The highest card in the Tarot deck is the World Card which shows a woman dancing inside a laurel wreath. The laurel wreath symbolizes victory and the woman dances naked – meaning she has created a temenos – a sacred space both within and outside of herself where she might safely evolve and flourish.

The South Node at this time is at 14 degrees of Aquarius and the Sabian symbol for that placement is, “Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily.”

Sabian symbol reference  from Lynda Hill


Venus Enters Aquarius

“Well the first days are the hardest days
Don’t you worry anymore
‘Cause when life looks like easy street
There is danger at your door.” Robert Hunter

“To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminister Fuller  

Venus is now in Aquarius through mid February and the Sun will enter Aquarius Friday 1/19.  The sign of Aquarius has two rulers – Saturn and Uranus and often people with this signature placed strongly in their charts are bridge builders between the past and the future.

Aquarius is the sign of our common humanity. Uranus, its ruler governs cyber technology and we have seen how it can – with its accelerated speed- bring  about a new awareness of the interconnectedness of the world community.With the transitioning of the Sun and Venus into the sign of Aquarius it bodes well to put your energy into collaborating with others along common lines of interest. The sign of Aquarius can have a measured and moderate detachment. It is an air sign – governed by the thought process. Best to be open to new and innovative ideas and consider options in working by yourself or with others. Keep an open mind.

The Sabian symbol for Venus entering Aquarius is,”An unexpected thunderstorm.”

Sabian symbol by Lynda Hill

Tuesday’s New Moon

“Intention is infinite.” Carlos Castaneda

The Moon waxes new Tuesday January 16 at 26 degrees of Capricorn.  The symbol of Capricorn is the mountain goat – which tenaciously aspires and perseveres  to reach the heights at the top of the mountain. If you have ever been around goats you probably know it is best not to get in their way. They can be very strong willed and determined animals.

Capricorn is Saturn’s sign and as Caroline Casey has written, “Saturn lays the tracks for the Reality Train to follow.” The New Moon bodes well for intention setting while committing to the work , discipline and self restraint required which will result in a positive long term outcome.

At the time of the New Moon Mars will be making a harmonious aspect to Chiron – the asteroid of the Wounded Healer. This indicates that the ongoing  process of healing inner fragmentation and moving towards a more whole inner vision can be a powerful asset in actualizing your aspirations.

One of  Sabian symbols  for this New Moon is, “A mountain pilgrimage.” Another is,” A nature spirit dancing in the mist of a waterfall.”

Sabian symbols from Lynda Hill


The Sun, Venus and Pluto

“Children born of fairy stock
Never need for shirt or frock
Never want for food or fire
Always get their heart’s desire…
They live on cherries, they run wild-
I’d love to be a fairy’s child.” Robert Graves

This weeks’s powerful planetary line up of Pluto, Venus and the Sun sextiling Mars and  Jupiter can bring you closer to your “heart’s desire” if you are clear in your visualization of it, willing to walk through the terrain of inner transformation to attain it  and if you are willing to be patient.

The Peruvian shamans believe that the earth is a living being and that in the time we are living,  the earth- like a serpent – is shedding her skin. In a certain respect this is true of individuals as well. Transformation is a difficult and profound process which takes time and effort and which engenders push back internally and externally.

There is enthusiasm now which can fire projects and initiatives with new energy. Just be careful not to get too ahead of yourself or overshoot the mark and end up feeling depleted.

One of the  Sabian symbols for Sun/Pluto/Venus alignment is, ” A general accepting  defeat gracefully. ”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


Mars and Jupiter

“The world will change less in accordance with man’s determinations than with woman’s divinations.” Claude Bragdon

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.” Richard Bach

The Mars/Jupiter conjunction which is at 17 degrees of Scorpio is exact Saturday January 6. This is a highly energetic and optimistic combination which has been in effect since 12/25. It is the signature symbol of “the big moves.” Among other things Jupiter governs publishing and the legal system.

One  the personal side  this aspect bodes well for moving forward energetically with intentions and aspirations. If there are personal goals you have which will expand,  improve  and evolve your life now,  the wind is at your back for taking steps to further them. Just one caveat – Jupiter and Mars when combined can contribute to “overshooting the mark” so do take into consideration that energy needs to be metered out over time rather than overcommitting, overdoing or burning out at the beginning.

Jupiter and Mars together can be a fighting- for- justice type aspect as well. One of the asteroids involved in this cosmic alignment is Egeria. In mythology Egeria was akin to Artemis – the goddess of  the wilderness, wild animals and the hunt. Artemis loved freedom and would be possessed by no man. Egeria was a goddess with the gift of prophecy. She watched over sacred wells and sacred groves. She advised the king on matters of law and ritual.

Much of what we are seeing now in the planet’s evolutionary process  has to do with the re-emergence of the Feminine in both men and women. This is a component in the effort to move the world in a more just and holistically oriented directed.  It is akin to a birth in consciousness- and birth is not an easy process.

The asteroid, Eris,  the goddess of discord, continues to be a strong influence as she stirs up trouble about what has unjustly been repressed in the sphere of women’s rights and the Feminine.

The Sabian Symbol associated with this alignment is, “Woods rich in autumn coloring” and the keyword for it is,”fulfillment.”

Monday’s Full Wolf Moon

“What seas, what shores, what grey rocks and what islands
What water lapping the bow
And scent of pine and the woodthrush singing through the
What images return
O my daughter.” TS Eliot

“Fill us with gladness for the work that must be done.” Joanna Macy

The Moon waxes full on January 1 at 9:24 PM EST at 11 degrees of Cancer. This Wolf  Moon is on the Cancer/Capricorn axis with the Cancer Moon opposing the Sun in Capricorn.

The sign of Cancer is about home, roots and ancestral inheritance.  The symbol associated with this sign is the crab – who carries her home on her back and retreats inside when  sensing danger. Crabs inhabit the ocean as well as the land  and the symbol speaks of the depths of our lives – the roots of our lives – and what we need to feel safe and secure as we implement our mission out in the world.

People define security in different ways. Gloria Steinem, one of the catalysts of the feminist movement in this country, was raised in a  nomadic environment. She and her parents lived in a trailer and migrated north and south according to the seasons. As an adult her lifetime passion was to travel, speak and write and to organize groups of women to advocate for their rights. She did not have her own apartment until very recently when she settled in NY.

The sign of Capricorn governs our responsibility and duty to the outer world.  It demands we grow up and take responsibility for our actions and commitments. It can now be a time when it feels like something is building that must be expressed.

The Moon opposes Saturn, Venus, Pluto and the Sun at this time. There can be mood swings related to neediness and  independence and these are good issues to explore under this influence. The Moon is also forming a harmonious aspect to Neptune – the sometimes stormy sea god. It is wise to look at where you source of inspiration comes from when you are feeling unloved, unappreciated or without what you think you need. In general it is a good time for deepening inspiration when facing challenges.

Uranus the planet of the unexpected is stationary in the sky now in preparation for the direct station on 1/3. This is likely to contribute to sudden and surprising events and occurrences. It is wise to attend to and nourish the nervous system. Best to make sure important information is backed up now.

Uranus is one of the major significators of the many changes and upendings we are witnessing in our time. It governs the many of surprising events we witness regularly concerning the use of the internet. Uranus is the planet of the future and governs technologies that are ahead of their time. Often because of this futuristic nature, laws and regulations have not kept up with the technology and safeguards will need to be put in place to prevent further misdeeds.

One of the Sabian symbols for this Full Moon is,”An Asian woman, nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


Venus , Mercury and Uranus

“I have heard the mermaids singing each to each.
I do not think they will sing for me.
I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.
We have lingered in chambers of the sea
By sea girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Til human  voices wake us and we drown.” TS Eliot

“The Pacific Ocean was overflowing the borders of the map. There was no place to put it. It was so large, wild and blue that it didn’t fit anywhere.That’s why it was left in front of my window.” Pablo Neruda 

The planet of the sea god, Neptune is strong in the sky this week as Venus, the planet of love and desire, moves into a harmonious aspect to it. Neptune rules dreams and when combined with Venus can speak of muse-type relationships. As the well known Irish writer, Edna O’Brien once noted people have to be in love to write.  Artists throughout time who have been inspired by a muse type figure often have a Venus /Neptune aspect in their charts. It also rules the divine nature of love that is expressed in the work of the ecstatic poets like Rumi and Sappho.

This influence bodes well for endeavors of a creative, imaginative or mystical nature. It bodes well for romance too.

Also Mercury is moving up to an exact trine to Uranus.  This bodes well for inventive, innovative thinking. Uranus is the planet of  sudden awakening and the planet of the future. It governs all things cyber.

People with a strong Uranus in their chart can have a restless nature and  be ahead of their time.

One of the Sabian symbols associated with the Venus/Neptune aspect is, “Men and women travelling a narrow path, seeking illumination.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill




Saturn, Commitments and John Mayer

“I am drivin’
85- in
the kind of mornin’
lasts all afternoon –
Just stuck inside the gloom.

4 more exits to
my apartment
But I am tempted
to keep the car in drive
And leave it all behind.” John Mayer

“Socrates had it wrong; it is not the unexamined but finally the uncommitted life that is not worth living.” William Sloane Coffin

The planet Saturn is associated with gloom and in the old texts an adverse  condition created by Saturn was often diagnosed as melancholia – a precursor to what can be commonly referred to as  depression in contemporary times.

John Mayer, the singer and songwriter, has also written a song  about gravity – another Saturnian force. Saturn governs “the rules of the road” and is what holds our feet to the fire as far as commitments, duties and obligations are concerned. A stressful relationship to Saturn in a natal chart can indicate a person who can get sometimes overwhelmed by the burden of commitments and needs to periodically review the nature of these obligations and evaluate whether the level of commitment is still appropriate or whether some form of adjustment is needed.

John Mayer has a strong Saturn in his chart as well the Moon conjunct Neptune. Moon/Neptune aspects are often seen in the charts of visionaries, mystics and artists. It has a very ethereal nature to it and often seeks to be away and escape from the more mundane, burdensome aspects of everyday life. It can be  prone to addiction if creative and spiritual gifts are not honored and an appropriate outlet provided for them.

In a natal chart a connection between Saturn and Neptune can represent the kind of friction so often present in the lives of artists – as they struggle to put a vision of some kind into form.

We are in a sense entering a new era with Saturn now in Capricorn. It bodes well to take another look at your commitments and whether you provide enough space in that context for your personal life to thrive. Sometimes is can be just a matter of tweaking.

There is a lot of opportunity for accomplishment with Saturn in Capricorn for the next two and a half years or so and there is a very powerful alignment of planets in the chart for the Solstice – making this a very good time for bringing clarity to this area.

One of the Sabian symbols for this placement is,”The human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


Saturn, Walls and Robert Frost

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun;
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast….
Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offence.” Robert Frost 

There is a lot of activity in the starry heavens now as Saturn moves  into the sign of Capricorn Thursday, the day of the Winter Solstice  and Mercury stations direct on Friday.

Saturn moving into Capricorn is a threshold time when it bodes well to pause and reflect. With any initiatives or endeavors that may not have evolved the way you had hoped, it bodes well to review what the plan was – from the intention forward – and look for blind spots or inherent weaknesses.  This process will allow for better planning and implementation going forward.

And speaking of the implementation of well thought out plans  – that is Saturn in Capricorn’s  turf.

With the Mercury station and Saturn moving out of Sagittarius, is an excellent time to consider how your thinking might be improved or expanded.

It is also a good time to review the boundaries you set in your life. Liz Greene the noted Jungian astrologer and therapist, recently published a book about Saturn entitled, Barriers and Boundaries, which resonates with Robert Frost’s line about walling in and walling out. It’s wise to be implementing savvy boundaries for each setting to avoid becoming overly vulnerable or overly guarded.  It helps avoid undue disillusionment or discouragement over the long term.

The Saturn return in an individual’s chart – which occurs roughly every 29 years –  involves taking back power from authority figures. With Saturn’s involvement the less you do this, the more authority figures will take a role in your life. Taking back authority has to do with the implementation of your personal vision as well. This process usually- at least initially –  requires strong personal boundaries for protection.







The Sun, Uranus, Venus and Saturn

“To change something build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

“Saturn lays the tracks for the reality train to follow.” Caroline W. Casey

Uranus, the planet of innovation and of fututristic thinking is strong in the sky this week as the Sun and Venus move up to a harmonious trine with it. Many shamanic traditions hold the belief that there is a stream of information which can come to us from the future. This conflicts with the more widespread belief in our time that information comes from the past.

Uranus has a trickster energy to it and the long held maxim in astrology for Uranus transits  is “expect the unexpected.” With the Sun and Venus involved there is an opportunity to approach life, love, pleasure and abundance from a new  or unexpected perspective. It is wise to be open to any intuitions that come your way in this realm.

Saturn will ingress into the sign of Capricorn – a sign Saturn is very much in sync with – on Dec 19. This will be helpful in terms of creating a very solid foundation for any new initiatives and for proceeding pragmatically with  plans. Do make time your ally.

We are coming up to the time of the Winter Solstice on Dec 21. This marks a powerful time of the year. Maud Gonne, the inspiration for many of William Butler Yeats love poems,  was born at the exact moment of the Winter Solstice, December 21, 1866.  Being born at this auspicious time was  regarded in astrological circles as akin to a “birth time of the gods.” The Irish people believed she was the woman  foretold in Irish history – the “Queen of the Fairies” who would come and preach the revolt and encourage the Irish people to rise up against the British. When she appeared publicly people would kiss the hem of her gown. She was active in saving the lives and homes of many of the Irish people.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn is, “A  indigenous chief claims recognition from the assembled tribe.” And one of the symbols for Uranus now is, “The music of the spheres.”

Sabian symbols from Lynda Hill