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Here are some excerpts from my current writing project: Tales of Magic and Synchronicity… Stories about Tarot Card and Astrology Readings

Valentine’s Day

Once when I was the marketing director at a radio station, I had an appointment to meet with the owner of a night club.  He had told me on the phone how to find his office. It was in the very back of the club which was in a renovated train depot.

It was quite dark and cavernous inside the depot. It had that feeling of a place that only comes alive at night. I walked  through the dim light and knocked on his office door.

I was quite taken aback when he opened the door and I saw his face because he looked exactly like my husband who was out of the country for an extended period of time. And I missed him.

His office was small and plain. It had probably not changed much since the train station was there. Adorning the walls were small, framed painted pictures of frogs that looked a bit comical.

But he couldn’t have been more gracious and welcoming. And he pointed me to the chair near his desk.

He was fun to talk with and I don’t know how we got onto the subject of birthdays – maybe I asked him his because he reminded me so of my husband. But then he asked me, “When is your birthday?”

And I said,”Today,” at which point he excitedly jumped up and said in a very loud , excited voice, “Today? My God I didn’t know it was your birthday! ” and he tore several of the frog pictures off the wall and handed them to me. They were in kind of an awkward stack because he had torn some of the sheet rock off too. He smiled at me glowingly and said,”Happy birthday!”

Appointments in my workday could at times be terribly boring- deadening even –  and meeting him was a very welcome relief indeed. We became fast friends. He told me he was an inventor and that the latest project he was working on was something kind of like a boomerang. He didn’t describe it that way, of course, because to him there had never been anything like it and he was applying for a patent and it was all a very big secret. He asked me if I would like to see it fly sometime and I said,”Sure that would be fun.”

So we set up a time and he came to my house and we went to a beautiful neighboring field and he showed me how it flew.  He explained his ideas  about aerodynamics and why it was unique.

Later, when we were talking, he told me that he had just been through  a very contentious divorce with his wife and he really regretted the way things had turned out. (She was furious and wouldn’t talk to him.) But he had done something that he had hoped would endear her to him once again. He had written a book of poems for her and published it. The title of his book was, “I  Love You Whether You Love Me or Not.” He gave it to her for Valentines Day.

And he gave me a copy too, that day.

I didn’t see him much after that because I stopped working at the radio station. But I have kept that book and sometimes remember  him and wonder how things turned out and I think about the sentiment behind the title.


Pina Colada and Neptune/ Chiron in Pisces

There can be a somewhat somber feeling in the air around a Lunar Eclipse – one of which is tomorrow.

But  it brightened my  day considerably today when I was driving home to have to stop and  let Pina Colada cross the road. Pina Colada is a chicken who lives with a family downtown in our small New England Village.  She was rescued from a dire fate by two little girls whose house is across the street from the cinema arts theatre in town. Pina Colada has her own house in the yard and is free to run during the day. Her first priority is to get over to the theatre where they give her a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of fresh water.

She then often can be seen in other areas  downtown. The police one day in particular enjoyed a call to the station about a chicken crossing the road. There has been occaisional concern about a hawk that dives down into her yard when she is running free but the staff at the theatre keeps an eye out for her  as do the patrons of the movie theatre who have to take care when parking there. Plus Pina Colada is savvy too and knows when to dive under a car.

In our topsy turvey times  of change , with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces – the sign of service to others – it’s good to remember the many good deeds that go on all the time around the globe that help to make the world a friendlier, kinder place.

Mercury and Synchronicity

Mercury in astrology governs the realms of thought, speech and communication. In mythology Mercury would don costumes and disguises and could gain access to realms the other gods could not. He could forge agreements through his agile use of language. He was a trickster of sorts and because of the sign’s association with duality – he is associated with synchronicity – the co-incidence of two seemingly unrelated events.

As an example of this, I was recently writing a letter to the editor about levels of Mercury in the water supply. This required some research on my part – research which had both legal and scientific aspects to it. I decided to take a break from it and think about it while driving over the mountain to the natural foods market.

Once there I picked up what needed and when I approached the woman behind the counter to ring up my purchase she said to me,”Do you write about Mercury?”

I was kind of stunned and speechless for a moment – thinking how could she have possibly known about that? And then I said,”Oh you are talking about astrology- right?”

And she said yes- that she had read one of my recent posts about the planet Mercury and that it had helped her in her thinking and that she had taken it to a group she is a member of and shared it.

Moments of synchronicity can restore a sense of the magic and mystery of life.  And as Jean Shinloa Bolen has noted, “Synchronistic events are the clues that point to the existence of an underlying connecting principle.”

Neptune, Dreams, and the Realm of Mystery

When I have astrology appointment to prepare for I often go to a local cafe and do research there. People wander in and out and sometimes, looking at my  books and charts spread out on the long table inquire,”Are you an astrologer?” I can have interesting encounters.

Yesterday was such a day. As I was working away a woman in  friendly,  intrigued tone said, “You must be an astrologer.” and we struck up a conversation. She is from a seaside town long known as an affluent, star studded summer resort area.

I grew up near there, I told her, and as a child had a friend whose mother had owned a house in that town. Once when I was visiting in the winter- when the town had an austere, abandoned and haunted feeling – we set off exploring the environs and the massive, foreboding Victorian mansions set up high on the windswept dunes overlooking the sea.

My friend’s family knew people who lived in one of those mansions and she wanted to show it to me. While exploring we found an open door and being lovers of ghost stories and haunted houses, decided to go in. It was dank and silent in the house and the thick, heavy velvet curtains blocked most of the light coming in from the massive windows. In the dim, dusty air you could make out the shapes of furniture- all covered with white sheets. It reminded us of  horror movies we had seen and we went running out.

I told the woman in the cafe about it and said,” I suppose all those houses have alarms now?” And she said,”Yes. They are all armed.”

The woman in the cafe was involved with managing properties like that and told me that one of the old mansions near the country club has a door that looks like it leads into the basement. Surprisingly though the unobtrusive door leads into a totally intact and well stocked speakeasy- built during Prohibition.

This Neptunian idea of hidden doors and secret places reminded me of a dream I once had. It was about a massive, rambling Victorian sea captain’s house where I had been the caretaker for years. People often saw ghosts there – men in black tie and women in long flowing gowns. The house had been built as a summer house where people from NY and Boston would come to attend large and formal parties. The house was set up high on a ridge and lightning would often strike it or very close by. When my friends were trying to sell it, on a couple of occasions prospective buyers would flee during those thunderstorms when the house grew very dark and lightning strikes would made the phones ring. I often dreamed of that place after we moved out – it was a place of mystery for me.

In one dream of this house I had gone back and my friends no longer lived there. I was wandering through the halls and discovered a secret door that I had never seen before. The door opened to a beautiful room – a lady’s dressing room with a Victorian dressing table on which stood antique glass perfume bottles. Sparkling jewels lay there also and light filtered in through a small stained glass window. It was very warm and fragrant there.

I have always thought of the house in that dream as representing my life and the secret door a reminder of ways I might not be considering or exploring because I was navigating from a place of the known rather than being open to mystery.

The woman in the cafe told me about her chart and I talked a little bit about it. When she left she said,”Wow! I didn’t expect the have a mini astrology reading today.”

I smiled – I liked them very much – and said, “The field of astrology is governed by the planet Uranus – the planet of the unexpected.”

Neptune is the planet of dreams, visions and hidden things. When Neptune is strong in the sky it bodes well to pay attention to your dreams. It is a very good time for the imagination – for creativity and  musing as well as prayer and meditation.

Mercury and Uranus- a Magical Elixir

The planets Mercury & Uranus when together can bring surprising events. I have a Mercury and Uranus in harmonious aspect in my birth chart so I am no stranger to out of the blue experiences. One involved the sale of a car that I owned (Mercury rules cars and transportation and Uranus, the unexpected.) It was a red Saab station wagon with high mileage.

My friend who worked on the car called me one morning and said, “Bring the car over here this afternoon at 4. I have someone who is interested in buying it and I have another Saab with lower miles you can swap it for if you like.”

I had not thought of selling the car.

I took the car over at four pm and was introduced to the man who wanted to buy it. He asked me if I would like to come along for his test drive which I did.

As we drove along he told me that he had seen a red Saab just like mine in a dream and that was why he wanted it. He was the director, he said, of a visionary conference center that held weekend retreats about various aspects of natural health and healing. He asked me about my work and I explained my background in the alternative media. He asked me if I would like to come to work for the conference center in charge of public relations and I agreed. He had also been hoping to set up night classes for local residents which I said I would be happy to do as well.

I swapped the old car for the newer model with low mileage. And he bought the car in his dream.

Uranus is the planet of the future and synchronicity. If under this influence there are sudden and surprising events, it’s best to presume they are pointing towards the future in ways the rational mind cannot always understand.

The Tarot Card of the Magician

In the Tarot deck The Magician card symbolizes the opportunity or ability to create something new. It is a card of creativity. In some of the older decks the Magician was pictured as a carnival trickster – someone who with sleight of hand could make illusion look like reality. In our time it is said that people who work in the creative side of marketing are reincarnated magicians due to their adeptness with the use of imagery towards the same end.

The Magician card is one of my lifetime cards – meaning that this archetype has a particular significance in my life and can unlock doors to understanding things that might otherwise remain a mystery.

The other day I was going through some old things in my attic and came across a photo of myself in my twenties. I was standing by the brightly colored sail of a hang glider.

At the time, very much in need of a job I had applied for a position as seamstress for a small high adventure equipment company. I was not deterred by the fact that I have always been terrible at sewing. I have trouble perceiving exactly what a straight line is. It used to drive my woodworking teacher into a rage.

I regarded it as a stroke of luck when I was hired. Summoning my courage and assuring myself that perhaps this would be a time when I would learn to sew I persevered. I tried to look serious like the other seamstresses who sat quietly by their humming machines.

A couple of the very experienced seamstresses sewed parachutes for hang gliders from gossamer white fabric. There was something of a meditative and angelic to me in the atmosphere there the quiet, the focused concentration, the buttery sunlight filtering in and the billowing parachute material which might at some point save some daring hang glider pilot’s life.

Potentially this atmosphere which lent itself to deep concentration might have enhanced my chance for success. I devoted myself to the task and worked away at sewing what was left for me in the box on my table neatly cut, geometric shaped pieces of rip stop nylon which would make a back pack or some other small piece of hang gliding gear.

But I have always had trouble with spacial things and often when finished a piece I would hold it up in the air and try to tell what it was supposed to be because I never really got how the pieces were supposed to fit together and because of the straight line problem. Then I would just toss it into the big seconds box – the box for damaged or as in my case, incorrectly constructed products.

Out of practicality I just moved the big seconds box right next to my chair. At lunch (everyone brought their lunch) we would sometimes sit on the ledge of an open cargo door on the third floor – it was a wide stone arched doorway and must have been used to haul big things up from the ground floor. There was no barrier to keep us from falling and birds would come and light near us. It did sometimes feel that we, like them, might just take off in flight.

Fortunately for me one day the owner of the company – a man had who designed parachutes for the air force – made an announcement that they needed a parachute rigger – someone who would pack the parachutes for the hang glider pilots. He said it would require some training and that he would do that. I readily volunteered knowing my days as a seamstress were numbered.

The parachutes were spread out on a very long wooden table that would hold the fabric as well as the lines. He taught me how to fold the billowing fabric over and over and keep the lines clear from tangles until it would fit in a backpack. He told me it was important for the pilots to know that the chutes had to be repacked once a year to work properly.

I was definitely up to that job and did it well. Sometimes we would get a thank you note from a hang glider pilot whose chute had saved his life.

There were not often visitors to the old brick mill with the occaisional exception of a pilot who had crashed and torn his sail. But one day a slick looking business person arrived. He worked in the marketing department of tech company which had recently relocated into the area. He wanted make a motivational slide show about risk taking for their sales staff and thought hang gliding would provide a good subject. He and the owner asked me if I would like to be in the photos. There would be a narrative, a voice over, he said, that someone else would read.

I agreed.

When they had finished producing the slide show they came and showed it to us. When the photos of me appeared on the screen, an enthusiastic woman’s voice talked about how much she loved flying and how important it was to have courage and take risks. She also discussed many technical aspects of flying that I knew nothing about.

They gave me one of the photos in which I stood by the brightly colored wing of the glider supposedly adjusting the rigging.

I framed the photo and have carried it around with me for years. I like to think of those days and I like to think of the Magician’s skill at creating what looks like reality through the use of illusion.

Saturn and Parenting

I have a client in her late twenties who recently decided to complete her undergraduate degree by entering a four year program in nursing. It was a challenging decision for her to make due to struggles she had encountered as a child with various dyslexia- like symptoms. Dyslexia is also associated with a very high creative profile – which she undoubtedly has – with her many creative abilities – and in general her ability to navigate life on her own terms with a lot of courage.

Her father has a Capricorn Moon and was the boundary setter in the family. He had little time for psychology or learning disabilities. He was a solid believer in hard work, discipline and perseverance and would not entertain theories or topics that strayed too far from that realm – topics that might give someone an excuse or an out from completing their tasks.

He had taught her some very valuable things and challenged her with his authoritarian nature. She rose to the occasion, from a young age choosing autonomy over dependence and choosing her own inner authority over his dictatorial commands.

They established an understanding after some time.

She had relocated to a city near him to complete the degree and one day when he was on a business trip to the area, they agreed to meet for lunch. Afterwards she took him to visit her new apartment. When the visit was over they said goodbye he backed his car out of her driveway and as he turned and drove past her house he yelled out the window, ”Make sure you get all your schoolwork done.”

She said it was kind of mortifying. He didn’t normally do that kind of thing in public and she was 28 after all and had moved there as an independent adult.

“That’s just Dad, I guess. There are no age exceptions for his parenting rules. He says the same thing to me as he did when I was in the 8th grade.”

When someone has Capricorn or Saturn placed prominently in their chart they often assume the traditional role of the parent. They can have a cool emotional temperament and be at times cold and demanding. It is the voice of Saturn that says, “Get to work.” without entertaining other ideas or explanations.

More stories from Tales of Magic and Synchronicity soon to come …..

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