The Winter Solstice

“All thoughts begin in wonder.” Plato
In the chart for the Winter Solstice – said to foretell the energies of  the upcoming three months –  Pluto is conjunct Mercury and Pallas Athene and square Uranus.  Under this influence there is guidance available about how to implement change in your life by deepening or expanding the way you think. Pluto/Mercury aspects are powerful and can indicate resorting to compulsive thought patterns as a habit. But the key to unlocking the gifts of this aspect is to “get to the bottom of things” looking for the areas to where your thinking may have become too narrow, fragmented or limited.
Mercury in Capricorn is like the Emperor card in the Tarot deck. It speaks of maturity, organization, planning and good time management. The Emperor knows how to consolidate power. The next three months provide excellent timing to formulate and put into practice a pragmatic, well organized, long term strategy.
In the Solstice chart Jupiter makes beneficent aspects to the Moon, Mercury and Venus indicating a time that bodes well for increased wisdom, love and artistry. It bodes well to take a  more creative approach to  your projects and initiatives. Watch for intuitive guidance over the next three months that can come in unexpected flashes and provide significant breakthroughs.
We are living in times of great change and it is better to harness the transformative and evolutionary energies – personally and collectively – rather than put up resistance.
As with the Kings and Queens of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.

Venus Enters Scorpio

“I have been acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain – and back in rain.
I have out walked the furthest city light…
Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right
I have been acquainted with the night.” Robert Frost

Venus is in the sign of Scorpio now making this a time of increased darkness and the deeper mysteries. It is a good time to get in touch with what you feel passionate about in your life.

The sign of Scorpio and its ruler, Pluto are both associated with catharsis – the periodic need to acknowledge and process pain, disappointment and disillusionment in order to move forward in a clearer,  less encumbered direction.
One of the Sabian symbols associated with Venus’s ingress into Scorpio is, ” A bottle of spilled perfume,” a reference to disillusionment or dreams gone awry.
Scorpio is the sign of  death and rebirth and is a reminder that dreams can be born anew in a new form.
As with the Kings and Queens of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.

Venus and Juno

“Maturity and energy in our work is not granted freely to human beings but must be adventured and discovered, cultivated and earned. It is the result of application, dedication, an indispensable sense of humor and above all a never-ending, courageous conversation with ourselves, those with whom we work and those whom we serve. It is a long journey; it calls on both the ardors of youth and the perspectives of a longer view. It is achieved through a lifelong pilgrimage.” David Whyte.
As Venus and and Juno form a favorable alignment this week and Jupiter moves closer to the North Node of destiny and life path, it bodes well to think about the commitments in your life – personal as well as professional – and how you would like to evolve those commitments into the future. Venus and Juno are in the partnership sign of Libra and so it is wise to consider how you would like to evolve the relationships involved and what you are willing to do to make that happen.