Eclipse at 21 Scorpio

“One cannot speak about mystery. One must be seized by it.” Rene Magritte

There are two eclipses this month – the first a Solar eclipse on Tuesday 11/13 EST at 21 degrees of Scorpio. Eclipses are doorways into the future and they open new evolutionary chapters in our lives. Scorpio is the sign of passion, of mystery and of deep knowing. Take a look at your chart to see where this powerful influence is occurring – it is this area of life which is up for transformation and evolution for you. For example if it is falling in the first house it concerns identity, in the seventh, relationships and in the eleventh, community and goals.

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Mercury,Uranus and Innovation

“What is important, then, is not the cultivation of belief or disbelief, but to understand the process of the mind.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Mercury stationed yesterday in a fiery trine to the planet of innovation and discovery, Uranus. Through mid month use this powerful alignment to revisit assumptions and beliefs – particularly those that might be based on an outdated model. Look to innovation now and inspired ideas rather than the tried and true.

quote from Divine Sparks by Linda Speerstra

The Magic of Thresholds

“People could see Artemis standing at the doorway… she helped people across thresholds.” Buffie Johnson*

We stand at a threshold now as Mercury slows down and prepares to station retrograde on Nov 6. At the time of the station Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer will be strong in the sky due to its close alignment with Neptune the planet of dreams and imagination. Chiron’s placement in a natal chart represents an area of life where an evolutionary journey of wounding and healing takes place. Often there can be a fragmented quality to the way we think about or perceive of that area of life. For the next several days pay attention to information that comes through an intuitive or inspired imaginative process that fills in the blanks in areas where your customary thought process can get stumped or discouraged. Pay particular attention to images that create a sense of joy or images which could represent an important piece on the map of a seeker’s journey

*Quote from Lady of the Beasts

Mercury Stations Retrograde

A wise old owl sat in an oak:
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?”*
Edward Hershey Richards

Mercury stations retrograde Tuesday November 6 at 6:04 pm at 4 degrees of Sagittarius. One of the Sabian symbols associated with this degree is, “An old owl perched up in a tree.”* Throughout time owls have symbolized wisdom or the ability to see in the dark. The goddess Athena is often depicted with an owl on her shoulder – to remind her of what she could not see. Mercury retrograde periods bode well for reflection and review – in order to start refreshed and revitalized when Mercury stations and moves direct – this month on November 26.
It is a good time to inform our decisions from a deeper level of wisdom.

*Sabian symbol reference from 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Lynda Hill

November ’12 Astrology

“It is a wise man who rules the stars, and a fool who is ruled by them.” -Darryl Martini,

The mists of Neptune will be with us much of the month – it is as if the Sea God has waved his trident and covered the land with fog. The month begins under the influence of Mercury square Neptune which can create confusion with linear thinking and communication. On the 6th, Election Day in the US Mercury stations retrograde. Use the early part of the month to entertain creative and inspired ideas about your life. Be pragmatic about creating a path for them after the 17th. Make an extra effort to keep communication clear throughout the entire month.

On the 1st Venus in early Libra is entering into the Pluto/Uranus square. If you have been striving to improve areas of your life related to love, finances, self worth and self esteem this is a time to acknowledge progress and commit or recommit to aspirations in these realms. It is time when old oppressive dynamics can be seen as dust in the rear view mirror.

For the second time in American history Mercury will station retrograde on Election Day November 6. The only time this has happened before in US history was in 2000 -on the day of the Bush/Gore election. Mercury retrograde can bring challenges related to machinery and communication (many of the voting booths along the east coast will be relocated on short notice due to the storm and many people in those areas have relocated for example.) It is likely that there will be confusion in determining the accuracy of the vote count and contested results. The outcome may remain uncertain for awhile as we saw in 2000.

One of the reasons wise rulers of old had astrologers as advisers was to be informed about making plans in accordance to cosmic rhythms. Astrologically it would be inadvisable to hold an election on the day of a Mercury station (again.)

If possible make any necessary repairs to machinery/electronics before the 6th. Make sure devices are backed up before that time as well.

Neptune stations direct on the 11th at 0 Pisces.

There is a Solar Eclipse on November 13 at 21 degrees of Scorpio. Check the houses of your chart to see where this eclipse falls – this is the area of life which is undergoing a transformational evolutionary process. It is a good idea to be in tune with it.

Mars enters Capricorn – the sign of the worker and planner on the 16th and moves up to a powerful aspect to Pluto. Use this pragmatic, highly energized influence for organization and planning. Be innovative.

Guard against impulsive behavior through the end of the month.

Mercury will station direct on the 26th followed by the Lunar eclipse is the 28th at 6 degrees of Gemini. Eclipses are evolutionary in nature and their impact can be felt before and after the event.

Use the creative energy in the beginning of the month to expand your goals and visions and move forward with them after the 26th. Clear focused attention and intention will have the support of the universe.

Neptune and the Illuminated Mind

Neptune and the Illuminated Mind

“Do you see what I see…?
A star, a star
dancing in the night
with a tail as big as a kite
with a tail as big as a kite…”*

Neptune is in Pisces now (through 2025) and when this transit has occurred in the past it has been a time of spiritual growth and awareness on the planet. This transit is often referred to as “awakening to inner divinity” or awakening to the higher nature.

This weekend I was listening to a lecture which mentioned the song “Do you see what I see?” often heard at the time of the Winter Solstice when Christians celebrate Christmas. It written by Noel Regney and Gloria Shane during the Cuban Missile Crisis when the US was “on the brink” of and preparing for nuclear war.

The recent transit of Venus across the Sun increased the powers of visualization and thoughts can manifest more quickly into reality now. We are always free to choose our level of perception- especially in times of fear and crisis – as these two inspired writers so clearly demonstrated. With Neptune’s transit through Pisces higher levels of inspiration and guidance are more easily accessible.

Full Moon in Taurus

The work will wait while you show your child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.” Patricia Clifford

There is a magical window of time at the upcoming Full Moon on Monday 10/29 at 6 degrees of Taurus at 3:49 PM EDT. Harness the powerful energy of this moment with the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto in the signs of ambition and accomplishment forming several harmonious alignments. The Mars/Jupiter opposition opens the doors to dream big and can provide windfalls and luck. Pay attention to ideas and visions that come to you at this time that are related to expansion and commit to the necessary follow up work in the realms of body, mind and spirit.
The Full Moon will increase the tidal pull as the hurricane makes its way up the east coast but the aspects indicate that it is likely that considerable expertise has been involved in planning and preparing for the impacts of the storm.

Quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra

Storms, High Seas and Neptune

The aspects for the hurricane headed towards the east coast indicate that it has the potential to be, as some are forecasting “a storm unlike one we have ever seen.” The Mars Jupiter opposition indicates it could have an excessive nature to it – and it is forecast to cover and impact upon a very large area with high winds, heavy rains and high tides. The Sun/Saturn conjunction may have some tough lessons to teach about the consequences of outdated infrastructure which can wreak havoc with power transmission.

It is good to remember that with the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square events like this contain lessons about how we need to be moving into the future. For example in the major storm which hit VT last year people with a solar powered systems welcomed in their friends and neighbors for showers and hot drinks as their sun powered system never flickered. The lights from their house blazed through the unaccustomed and chilly darkness.

Neptune, the god of the sea is involved in this storm – stirring up the ocean as he waves his trident. Neptune governs rain, fog and mist as well. Neptune has an ethereal influence and is strong in the charts of artists, spiritual seekers, mystics, healers as well as people particularly prone to addiction, illusion and deception. Neptune is associated with a sense of being victimized but the higher level has to do with sacrifice and redemption.

Here in New Hampshire we had a storm recently which knocked out power for an extended period of time when the temperatures were frigid. It is easy under these circumstances to miss our creature comforts and feel self pity. Another response was demonstrated by the people who drove immediately to the town shelters to help organize, cook or volunteer for whatever needed to be done.

This illustrates the redemptive power of Neptune – transforming self pity into empathy, and dynamic, compassionate action. And although we hear a lot about the need for individual enterprise and success these days, the values of the Age of Aquarius encourage us to take the view that “we are all in the same boat” and to cooperate and collaborate to create a more harmonious future.

Saturn Trines Neptune and Chiron

“If you feel the need for change call on Dragonfly to guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation.”*

Saturn now in the sign of Scorpio is forming a harmonious aspect to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This mystical combination creates a very good time to see through the mists of illusion – particularly about unresolved emotional and spiritual matters. One of the reasons these situations remain unresolved is due to framing them through a lens of emotional and mental patterning which becomes rigid over time and can have an unconscious, somewhat compulsive quality. An ongoing evolutionary aspect in play now when the Moon opposes or conjuncts Pluto offers the ability to understand and overcome longstanding mental and emotional patterns which limit growth emotionally and spiritually. Pay heightened attention to where you are putting your mental energy unproductively as these patterns now can be more easily brought to awareness now and transformed.

From Medicine Cards by Sams and Carson

Mars in Sagittarius

“Once we understand the math of evolution we will understand the aftermath as well.” Swami Beyondanada

Through late October take advantage of the increase in fiery energy as Mars trines Uranus in Aries. But do be aware that tempers can more easily flare, discussions can become more heated and impulsive acts may be on the rise with this influence. It is best to remain calm and open minded rather than engaging in conflict or defending fixed positions. Exercise caution when driving or traveling and avoid rushing. When proactively handled there is a brilliance to this aspect which can help move stagnant energy with sudden moments of insight and innovative approaches.

*Quote from Spontaneous Evolution by Lipton and Bhaerman