On the Mercury/Neptune opposition

Things can be really confusing sometimes when Mercury is in hard aspect to Neptune. It is a bit like wandering around in the fog in your mind. Literally there can be confusion with communication and the tools of communication.
Yesterday when I went out to get the mail from our mailbox across the street I was disappointed that my new Tarot deck had not yet arrived. Instead I found a sheet of paper from the Post Office- a form – (and I try to avoid filling out forms at all costs) with a handwritten note from our friendly and welcoming rural delivery person. In cursive it read, “Welcome to town! Please fill this out and return it to us. Thank you.” There were lines for the customary contact information as well as a space for the name of anyone else receiving mail at the address. The problem was I had filled this form out quite awhile ago and didn’t understand why I would have to do it again. I speculated about why this should be necessary and then finally just decided not to fill it out and tossed it into the recycling. Later that night I remembered a new family had moved in across the street and thought that the letter had found its way by mistake into my box. Because the Sun is in Virgo (worry) I Lay awake wondering what other mail was in the wrong box.
This morning when I went out to get the mail I decided to look the situation over more carefully. My mailbox is the last on the left in a row of three. But when I looked more closely I realized that my mailbox was no longer the last in line – that now belonged to the new family. The mail carrier had put the form in the right box!

September ’11 Astrology

“The universe is evolving towards an even greater destiny and we are the means of this global transformation.” Pir Vialyat Inayat Khan

September begins under the influence of Jupiter retrograde. The Jupiter retrograde period extends through December 26.  It bodes well during this time period to reassess resources – inner resources such as self esteem, self worth and courage as well as outer resources. It is a good time to review financial strategies – to ascertain where there are resources that may be underused as well as areas where excess spending might be cut back.

As the month begins the Sun is in harmonious aspect to Mars making this an energized time. It is a very good time for organizing, cleaning out files, closets, desks etc. It bodes well for getting things in order in general.

Mercury will be in Virgo from the 9th through the 25. This is a good influence for detail oriented work and planning. It can be a critical influence, though and a good policy for this time frame is to abstain from criticism and instead focus on creating positive solutions.

The Full Moon is on 9/12 at 19 Pisces.

The 14th through the 18th  may feeling challenging as Venus enters Libra and sets off the Pluto/Uranus square. Under these influences unresolved partnership issues may resurface – particularly issues involving love, finances and freedom. It is best to focus on what it is on a deeper level that needs to be transformed and to look for innovative approaches and breakthroughs.

The Sun moves into Libra – the sign of fairness in partnership on 9/23 keeping the focus on justice in relationship. Pay attention to what is being triggered under this influence.  Those are the area’s most likely in need of change and reform.

Mars will enter the sign of Leo on the 18th making this a good time for levity, entertaining and creativity.

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On Neptune in Aquarius

I work at a small environmental journal. I had anticipated that this juncture in my work – proofing the copy and the ads – was going to require more attention to detail than usual because Mercury is retrograde and widely opposite Neptune. This aspect bodes well for ethereal endeavors- spiritual, creative and idealistic. It reminds me of a day when my friend and I decided to start a peace vigil in town – to go down town as time allowed and hold signs that spoke of our desire for a peaceful world. Someone we knew was driving by and pulled his car over when he saw us there. It was a cold day and he brought us some warm muffins. . He said “The world will always need dreamers.” That is a Neptune/Mercury comment. Many of the uprisings we have recently witnessed in Syria and North Africa have come under the influence of Neptune in Aquarius -where it is now. There has been a collaboration of like minded people trying to create a more just life for themselves and the world. It would be easy to get discouraged if these idealists were focused mainly on the pragmatic details of how their endeavors would proceed logically. Neptune requires faith and sustains spiritual and idealistic efforts through faith. Today as I expected when I started proofing the paper, many typos came my way. But it was okay- I was prepared because of my knowledge and respect for cosmic influences.

On the Full Moon Saturday

This morning I was up at one of my favorite places – a remote beaver pond out in the country. The reeds and purple loose strife blew softly in the breeze as I walked and mused about this weekend’s inspired Full Moon on Saturday 8/13 at 2:57 pm EDT. When it came to me suddenly about what to write I returned to the car and excitedly drove off – subsequently discovering I was going in the wrong direction! This is a good symbol for the influences of the upcoming Full Moon- a very good time to be in touch with the higher planes – accessing information for creative or spiritual growth- but sometimes confusing and illusory on the mundane level- with Mercury retrograde opposing Neptune. There is a strong Venus influence at the Full Moon so it also bodes well to identify and appreciate all the things we love and value in our lives – a very good time for gratitude.


Mars and the Cardinal Cross

As Mars entered the Cardinal Cross this week- opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus we witness the fires, violence and police (all governed by Mars) in the streets of London and the erratic (Uranus/ Mars) activity in the stock market. The Pluto/Uranus square- symbolizing a revolutionary era- is in effect for the next four to five years.  It governs the breakdown of corrupt and ineffective systems so that more evolved models can emerge. This aspect affects us both personally and collectively. It is a good time to remember that any breakdown process heralds a new start. It is best to stay out of fear and keep the focus on positive, evolutionary paths for the future both personally and collectively.

On Transiting Mars

“In a shrinking world that needs a good shrink, we don’t need another theory of evolution. What we need is the practice of evolution.”* – Swami Beyondananda

In a well documented 1993 study a group of Transcendental Meditators moved to Washington DC as part of an experiment to see if their presence meditating together there could lower the crime rate. FBI statistics documented that it did. It also lowered the incidence of emergency room visits. The aspects this week as Mars opposes Pluto and squares Uranus are traditionally defined as a volatile and accident prone – a time where storms of all kinds can escalate. It bodes well to make an extra effort to remain calm, to be patient and wary of impulsive acts – personally and on the part of others – because that is where the accident prone aspect so often can come in. On the bright side there is often an abundance of energy to accomplish physical tasks if they are clearly defined.

*From Spontaneous Evolution by Lipton and Bhaerman

On Mercury retrograde

Mercury is retrograde now – a time notorious for creating snafus with communication and travel.  This morning I mused about this theory in light of synchronicity and recalled a recent interview with Hugh Grant. He described a day several months ago when his car broke down out in the country. Getting out of the car he was immediately confronted by an aggressive reporter with a camera. Already irritable, Grant started swearing at him. But when things calmed down the reporter started relaying his experiences working for Rupert Murdoch and cited many of the illegal activities he had experienced there. Weeks later Grant returned to the bar where the reporter- since turned bartender –had started working. Grant carried with him a small tape recorder and taped the conversation about the activities at the paper. Grant is now suing Murdoch’s company. 

When things go awry, it can provide an opportunity to slow down and see what opportunities or perceptions might not have been available to us had things proceeded according to our plans.