Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Chiron

“People do walk fire. We are an open possibility.” Joseph Chilton Pearce

The powers of attraction are very strong this week as Venus and Mars – the planets of desire and action – align harmoniously in the sky. Do be very clear about your intentions and let the winds of change carry you forward.

Beneficent Jupiter’s opposition to Chiron can shed light and wisdom into areas that we do not normally see. It can bring a more expansive view to the way we customarily view our daily routines, work life and health. If possibilities have seemed limited in these areas now is the time to entertain ideas and images that arise which would lead to a more abundant future.

A Tarot Card reader or Astrologer should be a wise ally on your life’s journey.

Solar Eclipse in Virgo

“Healing is a journey deep within oneself – a search for the soul, the essence of the self. It seeks to balance the inner and outer worlds, to connect and to integrate. Healing is the reuniting of the body, mind and spirit.” Diane Mariechild
There is a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in at 20 degrees of Virgo this Sunday at 2:41 am EDT. New Moon Eclipses usher in a new time of change and are a powerful time for setting intentions.
With the Sun and Moon in Virgo it bodes well to look at mental patterning and how it affects your daily routine. If there are ways that you would like to adjust the way you customarily spend time in your daily routines, look to the mental patterns – the customary assumptions – behind them. It is here where the changes initially need to be made.
This Eclipse is opposite Chiron – the asteroid of the Wounded Healer. A strong Chiron influence is about healing fragmentation or fragmented parts of the self. With Chiron in Pisces there is support for bringing a new or restored sense of wholeness by integrating energies from the higher self. It bodes well to seek guidance through meditation, ┬ávisualization and creative endeavors this weekend.
Eclipses are evolutionary doorways and can have a long term influence. This particular eclipse is an excellent time to align yourself more closely with what you see as your personal destiny and to develop a new awareness of the mental blocks that need to be moved out of the way in order to evolve in that direction.