July’s Full Moon

“What I tell you three times is true.” Lewis Carroll

The Moon waxes full on Tuesday at 28 degrees of Capricorn and the Sabian symbol for this degree is, “A large aviary.” This symbol indicates that there is likely to be an abundance of talk and opinion this week in the press and through social media.

Mercury and Venus are making a favorable aspect to Saturn – normally indicating a good time for clarity but it is complicated by the duo’s quincunx (an aspect indicating the need for adjustment) to Neptune the planet of dreams and illusion. It is a good week to think twice about the accuracy of information that emerges. It is also a time when there can be confusion in communication (misspoken words) and thinking.

It does bode well to consider how you implement the forces of Saturn (discipline/structure/planning) with those of Neptune (dreams and aspirations) and whether a better balance might be struck as to how you embody your hopes and dreams.

The veils are thinner at the time of the Full Moon. It is a time when the soul’s yearnings – through reflection, meditation or spiritual practice – can become more discernible. Over time this can lead to the ability to live and work increasingly directed from within.

Do set aside some quiet time for reflection.

Two other Sabian symbols for this time are,”A woman reading tea leaves,” and “Early morning dew salutes the sunlight.”

An Astrologer or Tarot Card reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.

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The Sun Trines Neptune

From the outside the stone is a riddle.
No one knows how to answer it.
Yet within, it must be cool and quiet
Even though a cow steps on it full weight,
Even though a child throws it in a river;
The stone sinks, slow, unperturbed
To the river bottom…
I have seen sparks fly out
When two stones are rubbed,
So perhaps it is not dark inside after all;
Perhaps there is a moon shining
From somewhere, as though behind a hill –
Just enough light to make out
The strange writings, the star-charts
On the inner walls.”  Charles Simic
Over the next few days the Sun in Cancer will move up to a harmonious trine to Neptune – the planet of dreams and visions. It bodes well to set aside some time to be in the place of mystery and inspiration. Visiting a place that is special to you and that restores your sense of wholeness and your sense of interconnectedness is a good use of this energy.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “In a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration.”


Sabian symbol quote by Lynda Hill

The Sun and Venus in Cancer

“We dull our lives by the way we conceive them. We have stopped imagining them with any romance, any fictional flair. We must dare to envision biography in terms of very large ideas such as beauty, mystery and myth.” James Hillman
Today marks the Summer Solstice – when the Sun enters Cancer. Cancer is the sign of mothering, of nurturing and of protection.  Over the next few weeks take some time to nurture your desires for a more soulful, expansive life. It bodes well to commit to nurturing and protecting your dreams as well.
One of the Sabian symbols for the Sun’e entrance into Cancer is,”A man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below.”
It is also good time to appreciate and be grateful for the many gifts that come to us from the Sun’s light and warmth and from Mother Earth. And to envision a healthy future for our small planet.
“Without our dreams we would not be able to step outside ourselves and transform our limitations.” Diane Mariechild