Venus in Leo

“It takes a heap of loafing to write a book.” Gertrude Stein

Venus is is Leo now – a dynamic fiery sign- and moving up to a harmonious aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius. This will help get things back on track and help facilitate movement forward with well conceived, long term plans – a welcome relief after the long transit of Mars retrograde (since mid April. ) That time frame was better for an inner exploration of how to move forward rather than actually moving forward but usually comes with a modicum of frustration (Mars is the god of action likes to charge ahead.)  Now is a good time to put things in order and proceed wisely. As Caroling Casey wrote -“Saturn lays the tracks for the reality train to follow.”

And just a brief word on the  testy Mars/Uranus aspect which is exact Thursday. Both Mars and Uranus govern speed – Uranus adding the sudden, surprising and unexpected. Uranus also rules all things cyber. In terms of history our use of cyber technology is relatively new and has dramatically increased the speed with which news and events from around the world can reach us. This can be hard on nervous systems and difficult to integrate at the time.

With other aspects at play now it bodes well to provide extra down time for introspection, rest and rejuvenation.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,” A double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings.”

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Sabian Symbol quote from Lynda Hill

Jupiter, the North Node and Pluto

“Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path… this is what I must do, this is what I’ve got to have. This is who I am.” James Hillman
This week the Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini has been squaring the Lunar Nodes of life path and destiny. This represents an important crossroads on your life’s journey – a time to choose whether you are going to go forward the as you have been doing or whether you are going to proceed according to a deeper, more authentic calling. With Pluto aligned favorably with Jupiter and the North Node there is an expansive opportunity at hand to see your life path more clearly and to have a new depth of perception of what has held you back and what needs to change. These perceptions can come at random times so it is best to provide extra down time to increase the recognition and build awareness and commitment as you move forward.
Eris is aligned with Uranus – the Great Awakener – now. This is one of several symbols of the revolutionary times in which we are living. The revolution has an inner and outer component to it – we see it in societies globally as well as individual dynamics. There is a strong desire for change and transformation. Do be aware of parts of your thinking that have kept you in an unproductive holding pattern and limited your possibilities for too long. These can fall away now due to the opportunity for deeper perception and the ability to see a clearer path ahead.
“Taking time is what is so difficult. Our cultural upbringing teaches us to plan and run as fast as we can towards our goals. It is our very running that takes us away from our depths of feeling.” Marion Woodman
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As with the Queens and Kings  of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.

Neptune, Saturn, the Sun and Venus

“Under the Saturn/ Neptune influence we can feel that our existing life structures don’t measure up to our ideal. We must realize that this moment is IT – this life is our vessel of the spirit. Saturn Neptune tells me, manifest your vision now.  Master your disappointment. Build and sustain the temple of your life. Don’t fall apart or waste away or become dysfunctional.” Greg Bogart, The Mt Astrologer.

This week the influence of the Saturn/ Neptune/ Jupiter configuration is strong. The Sun and Venus will move up to a square to Neptune mid week. These aspects bode well for creativity and spiritual development but can also distort pragmatic vision. There is a tendency to see what you would like to see rather than what is really there. The tendency towards  fantasy and projection is strong at this time.

The Sun and Venus will then move up to an opposition to Saturn – the Lord of Time, Consequences and Karma and a square to Jupiter – the planet of expansion. When Saturn’s influence is strong there is a lesson to be learned and it may well be about how  realistic and strong the foundations of you plans are. If you feel slowed down or discouraged by this influence do check to see if there is a pattern to the way you approach things that may need to be adjusted. Much of this time has to do with keeping your visions inspired while overcoming obstacles related to Saturn’s lessons of discipline, patience and the “rules of the road.”

We are heading into Saturday’s New Moon in Gemini – a seed point for setting new intentions. The month of June is particularly strong for new beginnings as it starts out under the influence of a waning Moon. It bodes well the think about what you are planning to leave behind in starting a new time in your life. And in Gemini this particularly has to do with leaving behind outlived thought and communication  patterns in order to be in touch with something that is more evolved, vibrant and authentic.