Useful Resources – Green Living is a quarterly environmental journal, which is published in Vt. and distributed throughout VT, NH and Mass. I have sold the advertising at Green Living for sixteen years or so. – This is the website for the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution. I am a member of the NEC and volunteer for them whenever time allows. Over the years the NEC has been a powerful voice in protecting the environment and advocating for safe, clean, renewable energy. – (Formerly Eight Design) – This is the site for Laurie MacMillan, who designed my first website. I recommend her work highly. Not only is she exceptionally talented but I also enjoyed working with her. – This website is the offspring of www.deanforamerica, Joe Trippi’s brainchild for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. Democracy for America is now run by Jim Dean, Howard Dean’s brother, and continues the grassroots activism inspired by Howard Dean’s visionary presidential campaign – The Natural Resources Defense Council.
“One thing about the environmental movement: our aim is to safeguard the earth, and that’s a continuing mission. You never succeed. The fight is never over.”
Frances Beinecke, Executive Director, NRDC. – One of my favorite environmental websites. They present important environmental news in a lively and engaging format – The Chamber website in the town where I see clients in person. Peterborough’s an interesting place and tourists often make day trips to the area. – Recently, I was the astrologer at the Women’s Herbal Conference in Peterborough organized by Rosemary Gladstar. Rosemary is a well-known herbalist and conducts retreats and ongoing programs at Sage Mt.and elsewhere. The conference was lively and interesting (great workshops!) It was fun to work & live in matriarchal surroundings for a few days! This is the site for the annual NE Renewable Energy Festival. There are workshops on wind, solar, bio diesel, straw bale construction and hands on conservation. Also great music, activities for children, crafts and food. Fun! A great site for natural and organic soaps.