Reviews of The Tale of the Comet

“This book is a spiritual journey, a weaving of poetry, recipes and stories that illustrates that those who are willing to stay open to life are often rewarded with a glimpse of the Divine…”
M.S., Hospice worker and teacher

“I loved the form of this book. It is written in short, often one page, journal-type entries and weaves together poetry, philosophy and metaphysical thought with every day life experience. It gives one pause for reflection whether one is in the process of living or dying.”
PM, astrologer and teacher

“One of the things I liked about this book was the very apt description of the suffering of the immediate family encountering the process of death. It is a rarely told story but an accurate portrayal of what often happens in our culture in the death and dying process.”
FR, Hospice worker

“This book traverses some extremely difficult territory in a very inspired way. I particularly appreciated the fated aspect of the love story and the way that synchronicity was so present in the daily life of these two people.”
P. T., poet and writer

“I loved the inspired approach to this story. As a hospice nurse, I also am grateful to Ms. Shea for sharing her experience with the use of marajuana as a treatment for pain with a cancer patient. In my experience as a hospice nurse, I can affirm what she says about its positive use for pain. It is much needed information.”

A.R.M., Hospice nurse

“This story starts with a gift of compassion, turns to a journey of love and loss and ends with the endurance of love beyond the boundary of death.”

M.S., Hospice worker and teacher