Saturn Stations Direct

Saturn stations direct today – signaling an end to the retrograde period which started in the first week of February.  Saturn’s influence can create calcification of views and belief systems and the transit through Libra can show us where this process has occurred in relationships.

This station provides excellent timing to actualize new ideas about how we relate to others both personally and collectively.  We are living in a time of planetary evolution and the Libran influence offers us the opportunity to move in a more evolved direction – developing more authenticity and good will in relationships and evolving models based on mutual respect and fairness.

New Moon in Gemini

Tuesday’s (6/19) New Moon at 28 Gemini falls at 11:02 am EDT. The Sabian symbol associated with this degree is “The First Mockingbird Of Spring Sings From The Tree Top.” This joyful image is about giving form to endeavors related to self expression – are there things you have wanted to speak out about, advocate for or create? Now would be the time to commit to the process. The symbol for Mars at this New Moon is “A Lion Tamer Rushes Fearlessly Into The Circus Arena”– an image that illustrates the need for courage and daring regardless of track record or expertise.


The Sun Enters Gemini

The Sun entered Gemini today at 11:16 am EDT and will be shortly followed by a Solar eclipse at 7:47 pm tonight. The eclipse is about the evolution of consciousness and the ways we direct mental energy. It ushers in a time which bodes well for crystal clear thinking and intention setting – and a good time to examine and update unproductive customary thought patterns. The Sabian symbol associated with the eclipse is, “A Glass Bottomed Boat reveals Undersea Wonders,” meaning that we may gain extra clarity now about areas of our lives we bumble into  – as if sleepwalking. Seeing into the water through the glass bottomed boat symbolizes an opportunity to make unseen thoughts, patterns and drives visible from a safe and detached perspective.

Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill’s 360 degrees of Wisdom

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May ’12 Astrology

“We cannot suspend our values during the workday and think we will have them when we get back home. We’re all interconnected. There is a spiritual dimension to business just as to individuals.” Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

 The month of May holds significant planetary activity. For the first two weeks Venus slows down in preparation for the retrograde station on the 16th. Venus retrograde periods are a good time to review and reflect on our values.

The effects of the upcoming Solar eclipse on the 20th can be felt in the early part of the month as well. Eclipses open evolutionary doorways and their influence can be felt before and after the actual event.May 1 – 5 The month starts off under a dynamic trine in earth signs. Use this energy of the Sun/ Mars/Pluto trine to make significant headway with goals. This group of planets is powerful and lends energy, drive and ambition.

May 5 – The Full Moon at 16 degrees of Scorpio. This is a good time to revisit what it is we feel passionate about and ascertain whether the time and attention we give it is appropriate. It is best to remember that passions do run high under the Scorpio Moon and to be aware when driving and elsewhere that there can be an uptick of reckless or irrational behavior under this influence.

 May 13- 16 The Sun joins Jupiter the planet of hope and optimism as Mercury moves up to a trine to Pluto and Mars. This is a pragmatic and expansive combination – a very good time for making progress with endeavors and for social interaction.

 May 16 – June 28 Venus retrograde. Venus stations retrograde at 23 degrees of Gemini on May 16. This retrograde period provides good timing to review issues related to self esteem and self image and how these beliefs correlate to the way we live and want to live. As Venus is in Gemini it is also a good time period to review how we use and direct mental energy – and whether customary thinking patterns facilitate growth in a positive direction or place obstacles in the path.

Venus will station retrograde while in aspect to Saturn and this brings up issues related to values and the appropriateness of commitments we are involved in. It is a good time to review how relationships influence our sense of self esteem and can influence our values.

Venus will station direct in late June. In general Venus retrograde periods are best used for rethinking and reviewing rather than initiating. Relationships – personal and professional born under this influence often do not last. Sometimes old lovers can resurface under this aspect as well.

 There is a solar eclipse on the New Moon May 20 at 0 degrees of Gemini.

May 23 – May 30 During this time frame the influence of Neptune the planet of dreams and visions is strong in the sky. This is best used for creative visualization spiritual growth. It can make things other than what they seem. If possible it is best to avoid making serious legal agreements or making major purchases under this influence.

Quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra  

All times mentioned EDT.


Pluto/Uranus Square

“Enchanted and spellbound,   in the silence they lingered

And rowed the boat as the light grew steadily strong

And the birds were silent as they listened for the heavenly music

And the river played the song…” Van Morrison, Piper at the Gates of Dawn

The influence of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction – one of the signatures of 2012 Astrology – is growing stronger and will be exact for the first time in June. This aspect has to do with the evolutionary changes occurring on the earth now, including the tsunamis, earthquakes and stronger than usual storms.  One of the questions symbolized by this aspect concerns how we inhabit the earth and whether there are more harmonious ways to do so. Throughout time people have found inspiration and healing by visiting hidden springs and mystical sites. It is a good time now to visit or find special places that have that kind of meaning and significance for you. It can be as small as a local fountain – a place that can restore peace and tranquility in trying times and allow for a more meaningful spiritual and personal connection to the earth.

Tuesday’s Full Moon

 “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Loren Eisley

 One of the Sabian symbols for Tuesday’s Full Moon at 18 Leo is,” A Houseboat Party Crowded with Revelers; the Water Reflects its Lights.” This symbol speaks of the sense of connection, of rejuvenation and re- creation that can occur when we spend time in celebration with kindred spirits. The sparkling water around the houseboat symbolizes opportunities for emotional and creative growth through joyful connection with others. The houseboat is held in place by an anchor – making this a good time to assess whether our lives are expansive enough with our current anchor or whether we need to cast off for new shores in some way. Another symbol associated with the Full Moon is “A Chemist Conducts an Experiment for this Students,” suggesting it is a good time to be in experimental mode – entertaining new ideas for the future that lead to broader horizons.

 Sabian symbol quotes from 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Lynda Hill

February Astrology

“It later became clear to me that no matter what we do in science or any other area, it will not help if we don’t find a way to be related to each other at a deep level.” David Bohm

 One of the significant planetary events of February is Neptune’s transit into Pisces on Feb 3 – a sojourn that will last for roughly twelve years.  Neptune the god of the sea rules the realm of dreams, of creativity, and of spirituality.  It also rules addiction – often referred to as a derailed spiritual journey.

This placement historically has correlated with a time of spiritual growth and awareness. Creativity can flourish.  Increased guidance will be available through intuitive channels and dreams. 

It bodes well under this influence to take steps towards living a more inspired life.

Mars continues in retrograde motion in Virgo throughout the month. Examine the use of personal energy in your everyday life. Looks for ways to lessen stress, build strength and get tasks done with more harmony and efficiency.  Set intentions for improvement.

Frustration and impatience can surface more easily with this Mars retrograde. As with all retrograde periods it is best to turn inward during this time rather than pushing too hard for progress in the outer world.

Testy relationship dynamics (in all types of relationships) are in play throughout the month and provide fertile ground to practice patience, compassion and understanding.  A dash of humor can help also!

Through the 7th Venus and Mars the celestial lovers are opposed – friction, disagreements and irritability can arise with this influence.

Venus will move up to a conjunction with Uranus on 2/9. This is a highly charged energy and is known in individual charts for its love of freedom, innovation and for its strong willed nature. Difficulties can arise in relationship dynamics that feel too controlling or limited. 

Love at first sight experiences or surprising and highly charged connections can occur under this aspect also. Just a word to a wise – very often relationships that start under this influence have a volatile or unpredictable nature to them.

The Full Moon is in Leo this month on 2/7. Saturn stations retrograde at 29 degrees of Libra on the day of the Full Moon. It is a good time to review the ways we have grown in the relationship sphere over the past two years – and to integrate any necessary lessons.

On the 8th Venus will move up to a square with Pluto. This aspect is associated with loss in love and can stir up concerns about not having what is needed in the areas of love, relationship and finances. It can also bring up issues related to control and power. Use the creative tension of this aspect for letting go of outmoded ideas about love, security and stability.

The New Moon is 2/21 at 2 degrees of Pisces – a very good time to access guidance from higher planes and set new intentions.

The Sun will enter Pisces on 2/19 aspecting Pluto and Jupiter. This will usher in a more expansive time.

All time mentioned are EST. quotes from Divine Sparks by Karen Speersta

New Moon 12/24

“Love is most nearly itself
When here and now cease to matter.” TS Eliot

The New Moon on Saturday December 24 falls at 2 degrees of Capricorn at 1:06 PM EST. Jupiter and Saturn are a strong influence in the sky as is Chiron- the asteroid of the Wounded Healer.  Resolution of difficult situations and doorways into opportunity can come now through a creative or spiritual approach.



Question Authority

There was a bumper sticker popular in the Sixties when Uranus and Pluto were consorting together as they are now. It read “Question Authority.”  Once again we are seeing this sentiment expressed throughout the world with the birth of the Occupy Movement as protests arise against current economic, political and social values and policies. December 10th’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse occurred at 9:36 am EST.  This eclipse opens a new chapter into rethinking values and authenticity. It is a good idea under this influence to revisit values, assumptions and philosophies – personal and political – to see if they are in need of evolution in order to live more authentically

Astrology and Occupy Wall St.

Students of history know that governments become rigid over time and periodically there is a need for change in the power structures. Visionaries advocating for a more just world have always been a key force at these kinds of turning points. What we are witnessing in the Occupy Wall St. movement is not just a desire to move the country in the direction of more social, political and economic justice but also an effort to evolve the world in a more idealistic direction. Neptune- now a strong influence in the sky – governs idealism, higher dreams and visions. Efforts like making decisions by consensus, partaking in peaceful protest and organizing globally to bring about positive change will receive help and support from the powerful evolutionary dynamics – also called the aspects of 2012- at play in the sky now.