Mars and Mercury

“As the overlapping rhythms of Mercury and Mars blend past, present, and future, we are reminded that life is anything but linear, and that progress isn’t always a straight line with a discernible beginning, middle, and end. For the time traveler, the current warp is simply another opportunity to witness the Great Mystery as it unfolds.” Ralphee Finn

One time a friend phoned me after a harrowing experience. She had been late getting started one morning and a busy morning it was. She had to stop and get gas on the way to dropping her daughter off at school and then she had to get to work. On the way to the gas station though she realized she had forgotten her wallet and had to turn around and return home to retrieve it.
As she approached the gas station on her way back she was surprised to see the flashing lights of police cars and law enforcement officials surrounding the scene with yellow tape. There had been an attempted robbery, shooting and fatality.
“If I hadn’t forgotten my wallet I would have been at the gas station at the time of the shooting,” she said.
I tell this tale not because of the violent component but because of the element of timing. For the next few weeks as Mercury slows down, stations and starts to move direct (March 1) and Mars slows down to station retrograde ( March 4) things are likely to go awry with planning and execution. It is wise to anticipate complications, delays and snafus.
The meaning of events is often best understood from the vantage point of the future rather than at the time of occurrence.

Ralphee Finn quote from her column Aquarium Age on Star IQ

New Moon on New Year’s Day

“Happiness is not a passing emotion,but a life of activity of unfolding spiritual, intellectual, sensory, physical and emotional potency.” Mary Daly

January’s New Moon is on New Year’s Day at 10 degrees of Capricorn. There is a powerful planetary line up that day as the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are conjunct – all squaring Mars and Uranus and opposing Jupiter.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is ” Pheasants Display Their Brilliant Colors On A Private Estate” – an image of abundance and the sensual pleasure and inspiration it can create.

With Venus retrograde throughout the month of January is a good time to review what it is that brings happiness, love and a sense of abundance into your life and to take steps to actualize new intentions in the beginning of February.

This New Moon with its potent, transformational energies is a good time to shed underlying beliefs which hinder evolution in this area. Clarify the vision of the life you see yourself evolving towards. Evolution can occur at a quickened pace with these aspects.

With the volatility in the sky it continues to be an accident prone time due to rushing or impulsive actions. Leave extra time when going out, be more vigilant when driving and moving around. Avoid dangerous situations. The likelihood of emotional volatility is ramped up as well.

Mary Daly quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra. Sabian Symbol reference from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom. All times mentioned EST