First Quarter Moon

To resolve our past requires knowledge.
To forge our future we need courage.
To experience the present we must develop dedication.
Our thinking needs riddles to wake up.
Our feeling needs pain to mature.
Our willing needs resistance to become strong . Rudolph Steiner 


The First Quarter Moon is Sunday June 12 at 21 Virgo. This time and the week preceding can often be a time of encountering challenges, obstacles and delays related to intentions. With prevailing influences it is wise to keep in mind that the polarities of seeming expansion and  then contraction are strong influences now. Keep your vision clear. Work your way through challenges while keeping moderation in mind. Stay clear of inflated flights of fancy or getting overly discouraged by setbacks.
Eris – the Warrior Goddess is aligned with Uranus. There can be unexpected and surprising disruptions occurring now – both personally and globally. It is important to remain true to your deeper calling or soul intention despite what unexpected twists and turns life may take now.


Reach Amelia at 603 654 1043,, and Her readings start at $30 for 15 minutes and are available by phone, email, skype and in person in Wilton, NH. Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill.

As with the Queens and Kings  of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.

Mercury’s Transit Across the Sun

“Alchemy was not only the mother of chemistry, but also the forerunner of our modern psychology of the unconscious.” Carl Jung

On Monday Mercury will transit the Sun – an event which occurs roughly every ten years. Mercury rules the mind and communications and during this retrograde period it bodes well to look inward and to see what is changing in your inner life on a deep level.

This is an alchemical aspect with the trine to Pluto. There is a deep, penetrating quality to the mind at this time which can access information that is not ordinarily available and lends the ability to transform long held thoughts, beliefs and assumptions in a profound way.

The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun occurs at 19 degrees of Taurus and one of the Sabian symbols for it is, “A moving finger points to significant passages in a book.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill.